Discounts & Referrals

Senior Citizen Discount:

We offer our travellers over the age of 65 a 5% discount on all our services. To receive this discount, simply request our senior discount when making your reservation.

Referral Program:

Our business has grown substantially over the 5+ years of our existence. This growth is due primarly to repeat business and referrals. Because of this fact we recently introduced a referral program offering our regular customers a $10 discount for referring a new customer to us AND a $10 discount to the new customer as well. To qualify for this discount, the referred customer must not have used our service before and must identify the referring customer when making the reservation. These discounts can be accumulated and used when desired.

A Senior Citizen Discount can be combined with a Referral Discount(s). For example, a senior referring another senior is eligible for both the 5% senior citizen discount plus the $10 referral discount.